Uncover the power of secure
IoT device enrollment.

DEVITY enables companies to launch IoT devices easy and
securely to enroll to any device management platform at scale.

Imagine being able to:

  • Ship IoT devices to a remote site,
  • get a technician to turn it on,
  • have the device automatically connect to any cloud – in seconds.

DEVITY helps your customers to integrate your IoT devices faster at scale.

Instead of integrating IoT devices manually and insecure into the shopfloor - ususally taking technicans a whole day for a small number of devices using weak protection such as default passwords - your customers will tap the full potential of the IoT by using DEVITY's innovative automatic enrollment.

IIoT device user want a hussle free enrollment

Today, manual human based enrollment of Industrial IoT devices to control/ analytic platforms is insecure and slow. Due to the use of complicated methods, 92% of all industrial facilities with OPC UA are configured insecurely.

Secure IIoT Plug & Play with DEVITY

The DEVITY enrollment service bootstraps devices' access to the local network and platforms – during device power on within seconds.

Uncover the value of IIoT

Factory line uptime increases profits. Security configuration taken out of hands of installer. Security configurations get provisioned automatically to device.

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Time to Market

Accelerate your IoT project with our cypto and enrollment tools.


Lowered Risks

Key generation on device – private keys stay secure in the device.

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Enhanced Value

Reduce costs for your users, by launching IoT devices efficient to enroll and manage.